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Reel Racks

Different type and kinds of reels are used in the industrial manufacturing of the different items and products. These reels are used to wrap the different types & kinds of wire, the cotton & linen thread, the nylon thread or different types of other materials. When the reels are wrapped with the manufactured thread or wires, the reel are ready to be used. To apply these reels, the reels must be placed upon some kind of rack so that they may be applied to do the necessary jobs with the wires or threads and that’s where the reel racks are used.

The different reel racks are available at our place which are used to hang over the reels in them and then the thread or the wire can be used to work with. Three different racks are displayed at our place for sale. One type of reel big racks are multi-tiered rack with many tiers in the rack while the other is a little rack with just two levels for the reels in it. The third one is also a smaller one where only two tiers can be used to hang over the reels.

All the three racks are made with high quality blue or black steel which is rust-free, decay-proof and acidic air resisting. For the further protection of these racks, they are galvanized or painted. These are made with boltless design which can be assembled within a few minutes by the ordinary purchaser or the buyer without the help of the skilled or expert technician.  

  1. Industrial Reel Racks Full Height Adjustable Reel Bays
    Price: £199.99 (Excl. VAT)

  2. Reel Racks Industrial Mobile High Quality Steel Bays
    Price: £219.99 (Excl. VAT)

  3. Mini Reel Racks High Quality Steel Made
    Price: £104.99 (Excl. VAT)