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Sheet Racks

The sheet metal racks are used store the metal sheets, chipboard other type of sheets to keep them in an organized manner. The sheets rack are made for the sole purpose of providing racking for storing the big and large sheets. The sheet racks are available in different styles where the most commonly used ones come in horizontal and vertical styles.

Sheet metal rack, offered by us, are made with the blue or black steel. Popular with the warehouses, but can be used for the other storage places such as manufacturing units. The sheet racks are widely applied for the storage of all types of the sheets including the large and small ones. The sheet racks are use din the manufacturing units as well as the good processing companies who use those sheets to produce different kind of goods.

Vertical sheet rack is offered in steel but some of the racks can be made with the iron. Boltless structure is also offered to make sure that the customer can easily erect the racking without needing any help from professionals.

The sheet racks supplied by us are available in reasonable rates where we make sure that no compromises are made on the quality of the products. You can also choose to get the sheet racks delivered to your doorsteps anywhere in the United Kingdom.

  1. Sheet Racks Heavy Duty Industrial Workshop Multi Height Vertical Racks
    Price: £415.99 (Excl. VAT)