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Shelving With Trays

Shelving with trays, as the name suggests is that kind of shelving which is used to store different kind of items while keeping them organized in for easy sorting. The shelving with trays is usually made with the aim to store multiple items on the same shelf.

The shelving with trays is preferred for usage in the offices, garage and even industries when the same shelf needs to be used for storing a lot of similar items but, also want them to remain separate from each other. This kind of shelving is used to store the small parts and accessories in bulk but, also remaining them from getting mixed.

The tray shelving is available in different styles where the most commonly used types include shelving with gratnells trays, stockroom shelving and heavy duty shelving. The heavy duty shelving is used in the industries to store materials, tools and equipment for future use while the stockroom shelving is usually used when you want to achieve shelving for domestic purposes.

The shelving with trays is available in different materials including the metals like steel where the steel shelving is durable while the trays might be made from plastic. The shelving is corrosion free and the plastic materials of the trays allow the storage of heavy objects.

The shelving with trays is available for sale from us at desirable rates where we also make sure that the best quality shelving with trays are offered. We can also ship the shelving with trays to your desired location in the United Kingdom without letting you worry about the consignment size.

  1. Stockroom Shelving Bay With 24 Shallow Gratnells Trays
    Price: £229.00 (Excl. VAT)

  2. Heavy Duty Stockroom Shelving Bay With 12 Jumbo Gratnells Trays
    Price: £204.00 (Excl. VAT)

  3. Stockroom Heavy Duty Shelving Bay With 24 Deep Gratnells Trays
    Price: £470.39 (Excl. VAT)